Plus Group provided three-in-one solutions, Definition, Detailed Design and Construction Support, to renovating the conference room and Interactive lab for Multinational Manufacturer of Consumer Products.

The customers facility was built over 12 years ago and was in need of renovation to their first floor conference facility, and construction support to renovate an additional conference rooms on the second, third, and forth floors. The first floor being designed for customer-facing meetings, where the upper floors meeting and collaboration space was for internal use only.

The conference rooms were designed to provide a private space incorporating a glazed storefront with privacy film to allow light penetration into space without compromising identity. A modular huddle room on the east side of each of these floors and the west side of the Second Floor, abutting “Enclaves” were consolidated and replaced with larger conference rooms incorporating both solid walls for sunlight control and Audio Visual (AV) purposes, as well as a glazed storefront with privacy film obscuring lines of sight..


Value Provided:

  • Plus Group provided engineering expertise and manpower not available at the client’s facility to assist and expedite the project.
  • Plus Groups’ Process Plus and Design Build Plus companies worked together to provide custom project solutions with one point of contact allowing for seamless project execution.



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