A multinational food and beverage corporation funded a research proof-of-concept project to test the viability of a new dough technology for multiple pizza manufacturing plants. Preliminary research conducted by Technical University of Munich has been able to use electrical current (0-260 VAC at 2200 watts), sometimes referred to as Ohmic Heating, passing through bread dough to reduce the rest time from 20 minutes to 2 minutes. The bread’s characteristics with a reduced rest time were essentially the same as bread with a conventional rest time (e.g., 20 minutes proof time) making production faster without sacrificing quality. Process Plus assisted client with the coordination, conceptual design, and development of the Ohmic Pizza Dough Proofer. Process Plus work closely with the client team and developed budgetary pricing for the design, fabrication and testing of the prototype for small-scale and full-scale production quantities. Process Plus evaluated and recommend machine and control panel builders local to Cincinnati to support fabrication of the prototype in the subsequent phase of the project. After prototype was developed, Process Plus provided a proposal at the end of this scope of work to continue support through the next phase of this project (fabrication and testing of the prototype).

Value Provided By Plus Group:

+Successful collaboration in executing the client’s first design build type prototype
+ Vendor quote gathering, refinement and evaluation to assist the client with equipment selection.
+ Ongoing technical support throughout the project including installation and startup support
+ Provided continued support through next phase of project (fabrication and testing).
+ Evaluated multiple options for best value for small scale and full scale production while minimizing disruption to existing operations
+ Improved business planning for next phase of production
+ The team has extensive experience with the client enabling them to operate more efficiently because of familiarity with the site, client team & business operations.


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