Welcome to the Plus Group of companies!  So did Process Plus change its name?  Absolutely not.  Even when our company began in 1996 Bryan Speicher, the founder, talked of adding companies.  The Process Plus ownership has dedicated itself to continuing Bryan’s legacy by creating the Plus Group of companies. The Plus Group of companies is represented by Automation Plus, Design Build Plus, and Process Plus.

An example of why we chose to do this is that historically, many of our customers were not even aware that we offered automation services.  Now, when we introduce Automation Plus, they immediately understand the services provided.  In addition, Automation Plus is the second largest systems integrator in the Cincinnati area and recognized by Rockwell as a preferred provider of system integration services.

With respect to construction, we have realized that many of our customers are requesting a Design Build delivery approach.  Design Build Plus communicates our proficiency  in providing construction services, regardless of the preferred project delivery method.  Our constructions managers provide expert services within our core industries and at various locations throughout the United States.

So why should you choose the Plus Group of companies? By focusing on providing you the right solutions, we are a single source  for exceptional customer service.  Our customers are asking for system integration and construction services.  The launch of the Plus Group increases the customer’s awareness of our myriad capabilities and decreases any uncertainty associated with the specialized services we provide.

At the Plus Group of companies “Our Process Revolves Around You” is still the commitment to our customers. Every action focuses on solutions for unique business needs. Since 1996, the Plus Group has displayed uncompromising attention to detail on countless projects; earning recognition for business excellence, continuous growth, and employee satisfaction year over year.  As we get ready for the next 20 years, we anticipate adding additional companies exceeding our customers’ needs through excellence.